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Achilles---Antistatic Curtains, Conductive Desktop Mats, Wrist Band, Shoes etc.

ADAM Equipment---Bench/Floor Scales, Analytical Balances, Hanging Scales, Wash Down Scales, Pallet Scales, Platform Scales, Calibration Weights, Counting Scales......all about weighning,     0.0001g  to  10 Metric Tons

BOEING Aerospace Parts, and Maintenance Items

Link(English)↑↑↑ Precision Measurement Pin Gages, Ring Gages, Thread Gages, Calibration Gages etc.



Fujiya Nippers ニッパ ペンチ

Die / Mold Maintenance Tools
Electrical Measuring Instruments. Recorders, Environmental,
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NNippers, Tweezers, Soldering Irons, Clean Room Products, Anti-static Products etc.

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Iguchi Kiko


Die Lifters / Iguchi Bear

マグネット応用機器 カネテック 日本語ページ 上↑↑↑

Magnetic Tools & Equipment-English Page ↑↑↑

KTK 株式会社桑田 桑田砥石機工

金型鏡面仕上げ用 ペースト、クロス、ファイバーストーン、金型磨き砥石、ダイヤモンドやすり、先端ツール、機械用ダイヤレシプロやすり、仕上げ用軸付き砥石、電着ダイヤモンドバー

Precision Machine Tooling
Mahr Federal-150years----Precision Measuring Equipment

Energy Efficient, Qualigy, Dependable Dryers/Granulators/Temperature Controls/Loaders for plastic injection molding machine


Metric / Standard Pin Gages, Thread Gages, Ring Gages

IPS Moldshields™ prevent your parts from scattering randomly within the mold open space by keeping them within the desired “drop zone”.


Moldshields™ are easy to install and remove, with some assembly of hardware required. Each Kit contains 2 Moldshields,™ mounting hardware, and the required number of attaching magnets for the model of shield. 

Drills, End Mills, Reamers, Burs, Routers,Counterbores, Countersinks,Taps, Dies

Muromoto Tekko Nippers, Wire Strippers, Air Nippers, ニッパ、エアーニッパ

↑↑ Click above for Muromoto Heat Nippers Line Up

NICHIFU ---A pioneer of Terminals, Connectors, Sleeves, Crimping Tools.

Did you know? You must use specific Crimping Tools to obtain UL Certificate.
Not limited to cables, terminals, connectors, but also you will need to
use specific tool.
ニチフ--- 端子、コネクター、圧着工具のパイオニアメーカー
ご存知ですか? UL取得したケーブル、端子を使うだけではUL
の対象とはなりません。 それぞれの端子に適合した圧着工具を使う事で UL が有効になります。

Special Maintenance Equipment for Press Die, Plastic Injection Mold and Consumable Items

Quick Connecting Couplers, Industrial Tools, Electric Screwdrivers etc.
Grinding, Polishing & Cutting specialist

Precision Machine Tooling for Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Die Mold Industries


Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd. オークラ輸送機株式会社

ベルコンミニ シリーズ

FA Systems, Controls, Sensors, Positioning Unit etc.

Always you can depend on: Oriental Motor
Performance/Quality Cutting Tools
SATO printing solutions.... making it work!
Liquid Chromatography
Gas Chromatography
Material Testing & Inspection
Atomic Spectroscopy
Life Science Lab Instruments
Total Organic Carbon Analysis
Themal Analysis
Particle Size Analysis
X-ray Instruments

新光電子株式会社   ViBRA 



世界で唯一の技術 音叉式力センサ           

楽器のチューニングに使われる音叉の振動数は極めて正確です。その特性を利用して荷重に応じて変化する周波数を検出、重量値に変換します。周波数は形状と材質だけで決まる単純な構造であるため、温度変化や経年劣化にも強く、正確で丈夫なのが特徴です。 リンク(ここをクリック)




Shinko Denshi Co., Ltd.   ViBRA


"Tuning Fork sensor",Only one technology in the world.

Sensor part cutout from one-piece metal alloy using sub-micron processing accuracy.

Measure frequency upon applied weight Tuning Fork vibration frequency is extremely accurate. That is why it is used for tuning of music instruments. Force Sensor detects change of tuning fork frequency which corresponds to weight, then convert into weight value. Frequency is determined by shape and material used for tuning fork, resulting the consistency against temperature change, durability for secular change, high accuracy and robustness. Click Here for detail.Shinko Denshi 新光電子


Precision Measuring Tools since 1971

SMC---Pneumatic / Electrical Products for Factory Automation

VESSEL--- Driver Bit, Ionizer (Anti-static equipment), Re-usable(Washable) Adhesive Mat (Sticky Mat placed entrance of clean room)
Machine Tools, Face Mill Cutter, End Mills, Tool Holders, Drill Grinders etc.

YUMA (Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc.)--Metal Work Solutions. Provide Stamping/Blanking/Tapping Oils, Heavy-Duty Metal Cutting Oils, Water Soluble Metal Working Fluids, Metal Cleaners, Solvent or Water-based Rust Preventatives etc.

* Industrial Machines & Equipments (New & Used) --- Forklifts, Lathes, Milling Machines, Surface Grinders, Press Machines, EDM (Electro Discharge Machine) etc.
* Pneumatic Tools -- Grinders, Impact Wrenches etc.
* Cutting Tools --- OSG, Kyocera, Tungaloy, SECO, Sandvik
* Tooling----NT Tools, Lyndex-Nikken, VERTEX
* Precision Inserts for Plastic Injection Mold
* Sensors, Electrical Parts
* Abrassives --- Grinding Wheels, Sand Papers, Flap Discs, Mounted Points, Diamond Compounds etc.
* Hard to find parts including special parts, equipments & machines made in Japan

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