Manufacturing Support & Supplies Co.
Manufacturing Support & Supplies Co.
OSG drills meet or exceed the requirements of today's most stringent applications.
Carbide or HSS Drills, Reamers and Countersinks.
OSG is the world's largest manufacturer of Taps and threading tools. OSG has a tap for any application. Cutting Taps, Forming Taps, and Thread Mills.
End Mills:
OSG has revolutionized the machining world with our High-Technology End Mills.
Carbide and HSS End Mills.
We have wide-range of Metric Tools; however, we may need to bring it from Japan. In this case, it usually takes 1 week from OSG Japan to OSG Warehouse located in Illinois.
Pleae provide us EDP Number(Products Number) and quantity.
We will provide you a quote promptly.

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Manufacturing Support & Supplies Co.

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